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if anybody know who sing this song could u plz help thanks
Posted by: 'stina ()
Date: July 04, 2006 07:35AM

i was wondering if anybody knows who sings this song and if you got the name of it. i only know part of the chorus its "drop dat dick off in dat hoe". the beat in the first part of the song is from "oh i think they like me" and then the beat changes in the second part of the song to the "ashanti- fuck song" beat. im guessing the title of the song is drop dat dick off in dat hoe... but im not sure. heres a link to youtube where i heard the song so you could hear it for yourself to kno what im talking about since im prolly just confusing people trying to explain it lolz. []

if anybody can help i would really appreciate it cuz i was trying to listen to the song to see if i could hear who sing it but i cant really tell.

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