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party dances in the uk
Posted by: kingkool ()
Date: August 31, 2011 12:48AM

Hi There just thought i would let you know about some great party dances from Rik and Nik, Rik Gaynor and Rik and Chick

these songs are the most played at any of the Uk's Holiday parks, Haven,Pontins etc
so by Rik and Nik we have...
The Purple People Eater
Oodoo the Voodoo Man
The Mexican Wave
The Best Dance of All Time
Big Fish Little Fish
Old King Kool
The Caribbean Way
The Finger Song

And by Rik Gaynor of Rik and Nik we have...
Funky Funstars (the haven song)
Chu Chu uah ( english version) by Rik Gaynor also called Choo Choo awah
The Mimic Man ( ozzy osbourne version)

also by Rik and Chick we have...
We Can Make U Rock
Cartoon Heroes

you can get these songs from itunes or from (google this...) rikandnikofficialfanclub
have fun and party on down!!!

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