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Copperpot Girl Next Door
Posted by: AVRILH ()
Date: October 22, 2014 07:40AM

Look, I really love this song, so if i could get some people to team up with me maybe we could get this song on the website.

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Re: Copperpot Girl Next Door
Posted by: Yevlen ()
Date: November 06, 2014 03:37PM

Girl Next Door

All the pin ups in magazines. Movie stars on the silver screen. They'll do anything for me. Can't you see?

What you get is what you see. No more maybe it's Maybelline. She can give you everything you need. What you need...

(Chorus) She's the girl next door (girl next door). Nice but naughty, and a heart that's pure. She's the girl next door (girl next door). Just for me...

You can take her home to mom Cause she's got that small town charm That comes anytime you want and more...
And you know she's your biggest fan Cause she'll cancel all her plans Give you everything she can 'til the end 2x

Chorus 2x

Think I'll take a walk on down the road she's on Maybe now that I think I'll call her on the phone or am I better off alone?

Chorus 2x

Just for me...3x

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