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yo yo yo lyric request bois
Posted by: vickk7 ()
Date: August 07, 2016 02:21PM

could someone please tell me the lryics to the song hello (remix) by swiperboy, it's like a song on spotify a lot. has decent tune but yeah from hello but a remix edition from swiperboy.

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Re: yo yo yo lyric request bois hot smiley grinning smiley
Posted by: vickk7 ()
Date: August 07, 2016 02:31PM

i've actully done some, someone add on? 100/10 request

I don’t know where you are (are)
I’ve just heard a lot about the other side
I need you, I just smoked some kush when I ain’t really need to
‘cause my thoughts been going crazy I just need a reboot
And I…. I want to know, if I ever would change would you leave me alone?
Would you stay the same or would you need me to go?

Girl I been thinkin’
Listening to the weekend and drinkin’
Oohhhhhh love is a ship and we’ve been sinkin’
I know everything happens for a reason
I know everyting we that were scream had no meaning
You were corked out I was sippin’ cups and dreamin’
No sleep drinking, Hollywood creepin’
You were sleep with other men while I was having threesomes
You were tryna fight me we were battling some demons

What’s it going to be?
I love you unconditionally
I need you like the air that I breathe
I don’t care that we’ve been through all this bullshi*
I don’t needa swipe a girl
I need a mrs walrus
So many other homies having kids
One day I want to know what being a good daddy is
When I see Chris brown and royalty
When I see Steph curry and Riley
I need an Ayesha right beside of me
I know I’ve been a fu*kboy but you’re been a thottie
‘cause once upon a time I was in love with your body
See I put up a wall until something allowed me
To see that you love me, to see that I love you

That’s all it took baby
We’ve been through hell and back
I’m tryna make you look baby, been all over the map
But now I’m on the other side
When I had you in my arms, girl we must of cried a thousand times
You ain’t interested in no tears
But I ain’t interested cold cheers
You can run away from your feelings
But trust me when I say you won’t know how cold feels
You lost your father I lost mine too
You had some crushed dreams I lost some of mine too
Each day I had to remind you that I be right behind you
Tryna make awareness to this love that you’ve been blind to
Do you want me to lie to you?

I want you to come over, I just want to hold ya
You cried on my shoulder, can I just console ya
I can be a soldier, remember of the bottom

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