May someone please help me find the name of this song???
Posted by: takagishingo ()
Date: November 25, 2016 12:36PM

Hi there. I am a huge pro wrestling fan and there is a song in a hype video I was wondering what the name was. I know for the life of me, I have heard it before. Anyway, it's the song that starts at like 10 seconds into the video here:

It's hard to pick out because of the dude speaking Japanese over it, but if anyone could do it, I would think one of you guys would be awesome enough to pick it out.

You can get bits and pieces when the dude isn't talking over it too. Like the chorus goes

I want a champion champion
Fire in the ring (???????)

And another part goes:

Champion Champion
Go on do your thing
Baby you can be my king
Champion, woah


I tried entering the parts you can hear into google, but got nothing. The company likes to use unknown artists for their hype videos

Anyway, thanks x1000 in advance

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